Dr. Rasmus Krempel

This is the website of Dr. Rasmus Krempel

This is the Personal Website of Rasmus Krempel. I have a Phd in Informationsverarbeitung (digital Humanities) at the University of Cologne. I have developed mostly sofware serverside and clientside with web-technologies. I also did things now known as data sciene.

Currently i'm a big data Software Developer @ReweDigital.


Netze, Karten, Irrgärten:
Graphenbasierte explorative Ansätze zur Datenanalyse und Anwendungsentwicklung in den Geisteswissenschaften

English title: Networks, Maps and mazes: Graph based explorative data anlysis and datadriven softwardevelopment in the Humanites.
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side projects

Map of planned potential areas with public alcohol ban in Cologne

In 2016 a ban for public alcohol consumption was discussed in Cologne. This would have assumably been the resulting ban zones:
map view


Therefor I created a Geo-Visualization "Alkoholverbotszone" of the zones which would have been affected by an alcohol ban around schools and children’s daycare facilities (Kindergartens) in Cologne. The map was created in context of the political discussion in Cologne if public alcohol consumption should be banned 100 meter around schools and kindergartens. The law was finally rejected because it would have affected large parts of the city-center (like seen on the Map). It would have been a total ban of public alcohol consumption or very hard and complex to enforce.